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Personal Security - VIP

Escort and discrete presence
The guards of your neighborhood, are ready, on a simple call, to escort you with safety while returning from a night outing (or when going to the bank for withdrawals and deposits) until you disarm your alarm and enter your house.
Moreover, based on your needs, we provide a 24 hour escort with a special guard or vehicle, following your orders, ensuring your tranquility.

Among our services we offer also VIP guarding. Our fully trained bodyguards can guarantee your security with daily patrols and responsible guarding of persons. 

Thira Security has the ability to respond successfully in all the dangerous situations and to cover needs of any kind. The company sets as primary goal its recognition as a company that provides high quality protection services in the sector of VIP security and guarding and hopes to have a flawless cooperation with you. We offer security services with exceptional responsibility and integrity. 


Body guarding - VIP

In uniform or discrete civil outfit, the specially trained guards of Thira Security body guarding provide a 24 hours cover at your house, business area or during your transportations. We are safeguarding you from threats and dangers, we keep you away from the spotlight and the cameras of journalists should you desire, choosing alternative routes, plan your visits at a popular mall center for a relaxation day and shopping, ensuring in that way your personal and family peace of mind. Are you a popular athlete or work in show business? Are you a senior executive but prefer not to attract constantly publicity on you? Take advantage of the Thira Security bodyguards and distance yourself from undesirable events during day and night.