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Preventing a crime is always our priority. Nevertheless, we will interfere directly and we will respond effectively in any conflict or emergency that may arise. The Thira Security patrols are designed according to your needs. We are located near your facilities and area. During both day and night, the patrol guards perform regular checks even at the most isolated corners and “blind” spots. We design the plan of visits and patrols in short but random periods, so that any undesirable visitors realize they have no reason to lurk in your property.

On foot, by car or motorcycle, Thira Security patrols protect you day and night. In case that bodyguard services seem like an expensive solution, our patrols constitute the ideal alternative and financially feasible choice.


Protection during vacation

Thira Security guards your private property and residence during your vacation absence or long business trips. If you are planning to stay away for a long period of time, all you need to do is inform the Thira Security Headquarters.

Our guards constantly watch your property with regular patrols at random periods of time, providing peace of mind for you to really enjoy your vacation time. Furthermore, we will advise you on extra security measures to be taken and safeguard of the perimeter which will constitute your property an extremely difficult target of malicious and undesirable visits.

Unannounced property checks

The standard patrol guarantees that our guards will perform an extensive assessment at your property, at regular periods 24hours a day. They will monitor the surroundings and balconies for suspicious movements or possible break-ins. You can select from 1 to 12 visits per 24hours. Most clients choose the security of 3 visits, that way reducing the corresponding cost.

In case of any emergency, the guards will react directly, while they are instructed to complete a daily detailed report (available online to you as well).